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We're Well-Rounded.

Brand marketing communications is our bread and butter. We thrive on developing creative ideas that are on strategy and complement the integrated marketing mix. We’ve helped brand managers launch new products, build excitement for promotions, and reinvigorate their brands, numerous award-winning times.

We’re no strangers to integrated marketing programs, and we work with agency partners in experiential marketing, advertising and digital. Whether we’re the lead agency or contributing our part to the team, we believe integrated programs produce the best results for the brand

We take a simple approach. 1) We work hard to build and maintain strong relationships with media and influencers across the country. 2) We give them good stories to tell. There’s no magic bullet. There are no shortcuts. It takes time and effort, but pays off in results.

We consume news in all its forms. We make it our mission to understand our clients’ businesses and their consumers, and to identify the issues and opportunities that affect their brands. We have a team of self-proclaimed “measurement geeks” on staff, and we provide our clients with thoughtful online and traditional measurement analysis.

Traditional PR and social media go hand-in-hand – they’re both rooted in story. We start by tapping into a consumer insight, and taking that insight to a creative, engaging level – in the right place at the right time. Because, that makes for good conversation. From content development to influencer relations to community management, we help brands connect with their audiences in a meaningful way.

We know a good story when we see one, and we’re skilled at sharing that story with our clients’ audiences – wherever they are (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube)

We’re a sociable bunch. We’re not shy about building relationships with influencers across a variety of industries that could be important to our clients’ businesses.

We provide full-service community management services. We listen, and listen, and make sure we’re engaging with our clients’ audiences with content that is relevant and authentic.

Reputation management, employee communications, community relations, corporate social responsibility – we’ve done it all. Our team of strategists and expert writers can ensure that all of your company’s communications tell one cohesive story that aligns with your company values and business objectives.

Reputation matters, and how a company handles an issue or crisis can seal its fate in the minds of consumers. We have experienced issues management strategists who can counsel clients through an issue.

We work with leading brands that are committed to building loyalty and support in the communities where they do business. We can help develop and amplify community relation programs that build strong and mutually beneficial relationships.

We consume news in all its forms. We make it our mission to understand our clients’ businesses and their consumers, and to identify the issues and opportunities that affect their brands. We have a team of self-proclaimed “measurement geeks” on staff, and we provide our clients with thoughtful online and traditional measurement analysis.

We create direct-to-consumer engagements and experiences that people are compelled to share. We help build brand stories by connecting with target consumers through custom events, product sampling and unique one-of-a-kind experiences. Our creative ideas are brought to life with our team’s unrelenting focus on detail and process for a flawless execution.


We Take One Step at a Time.

Whether we’re planning for a year-long program or a small project, the process is the same.

The first step is always to hear from our client: what are their business goals and objectives? Our job is to ask questions to clarify and help us define and refine how PR fits into the mix. For consumer marketing mandates with a larger scope, an integrated marketing approach always works best. Planning PR together with advertising, digital and experiential agencies to develop an integrated campaign is time and money well spent. It also helps us understand our client’s business better – which is always a good thing.

Based on our client’s business objectives, agreed upon PR goals – and budget – our team will set out to develop a strategy to realize the PR goals. We’ll ask ourselves, Who do we need to reach? What’s our story? What are our key messages? How can we tell our story most effectively?

Once our strategic roadmap is in place, we tap our team’s creative power. We think big and we have fun with our divergent ideas. But, our facilitator is skilled at keeping the brainstorm on strategy so that we don’t veer off course. (Only sometimes, for our own amusement.)

With the brainstorm behind us, the core account team takes a critical look at the creative ideas within the context of strategy, budget, time and resources. This part of the process is about making the ideas workable. It involves refining, altering, or even creating new ideas. At the end of this creative refinement we are left with the tactics – the nuts and bolts of how our strategy comes to life and how our PR goals will be met.

At this stage, we set specific, measurable PR objectives. How will we define success specific to this program? What are our quantitative and qualitative measures? It’s different in every situation, and we work with our client to determine what the best benchmark for success will be.


We Love Our Clients.

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We Cast a Wide Net.

We deliver smart, creative thinking for every industry and audience we serve.

“Gluten-free/food allergy conscious” is the top menu trend in 2014, followed by quinoa and locally sourced foods.
Source: Restaurants Canada 2014 Chef Survey

$1.3-billion was spent on
health and wellness apps in 2012.
Source: BDA.ca

77% of Canadians say
they have made a purchase
from a website in the past year.
Source: Ebates.ca Black Friday release, November 2013, Ignite Research

Most people don’t want a larger kitchen,but want a feeling of more space with 77% of kitchens open to other rooms and 61% of people incorporating an island.
Source: October 2013, Houzz.com

In 1942, economist Joseph Schumpeter coined the term “creative destruction” to describe the tendency of industrial change to come from within, because it is driven by entrepreneurial innovation and risk-taking.
Source: HuffingtonPost.ca

Only 4% of women
around the world consider themselves beautiful (up from 2% in 2004)
Source: Dove

Gen Y don’t love budgeting:
66% do not have
a budget or do not follow the one they created.
Source: TD Cash Confessions release
– October 2013, Environics

In 2002, beer held half the market share of booze sales nationwide — a figure that dropped in  2012 to 44% while wine’s share had gone from 24% to 31%.
Source: Stats Can reported in Calgary Sun

The most popular Valentine’s Day gifts are not flowers or chocolates, but rather clothing and accessories.
Source: Ebates US stats from Canadian release


Kudos All Around.

Paradigm has received more than 50 industry awards since it opened its doors in 2007. We’ve been recognized for our creative solutions, cutting edge communications and outstanding results.