Bosch - Case Study

Bosch: Green Savings Survey


How do you communicate an eco-heritage message in a sea of green? This was the challenge for Bosch Home Appliances in sharing its high efficiency appliances message in a marketplace crowded with green messaging.  Eco-friendly home appliance messaging often gets lumped in with ENERGY STAR-rated appliances without mentioning a specific brand.  Bosch needed to find a way to cut through the green clutter with a story that linked Bosch to being green.

Strategy & Execution:

Paradigm developed the Bosch Green Savings Survey which asked Canadians the types of environmentally-friendly changes they would make should they qualify for a government rebate.  As the media materials were being finalized, the federal government announced the ecoEnergy Home Retrofit program as part of its 2011-2012 budget.  Paradigm and Bosch Home Appliances worked together to quickly adapt the media materials to leverage the proprietary research on the environmentally-efficient upgrades Canadians would make to their homes.  Speed was essential and media relations were conducted right after the budget announcement and before a federal election was called.  


The revised messaging and exclusive stats were a hit with the media.  The campaign generated 34 branded news stories about the Bosch Green Saving Survey including: 

  • Total reach: 5,943,635
    • All stories included a quote from a Bosch spokesperson
  • Bosch was linked to being a leader in environmental sustainability