Schick Quattro for Women

Save the Economy, Show Some Leg: How a Women’s Razor Made Business News

How do you generate media coverage for the Schick Quattro for Women razor with no new news about the product and very limited budgets? Paradigm developed a creative story angle to become part of the economic news that journalists were writing about in the newspapers. Using the Hemline Theory, an economic theory developed in the 1920s by American economist George Taylor that suggests women’s hemlines rise along with stock prices, Paradigm created a tongue-in-cheek campaign asking women to help boost the economy by wearing shorter skirts (with smooth legs, thanks to Schick Quattro for Women).

The Schick Quattro brand manager teamed up with an economist for interviews, and the media relations campaign generated 40 news stories, plus coverage internationally, with a total Canadian reach of more than 5.5 million and a campaign cost per contact of $0.004.


news stories

for a total Canadian reach of


and campaign cost per contact of