Schick Quattro

Engaging with the target through a giant, virtual game of Truth or Dare

Building awareness for the Schick Quattro for Women razor at a time when there was no innovation or news about the brand was a challenge. To meet the marketing objectives, Paradigm created a social media campaign designed to engage directly with the brand’s target audience and reinforce the brand’s irreverent, fashion-oriented, “date-night razor” positioning: a giant virtual game of Truth or Dare.

The game, played out on Twitter, invited women to answer fun, cheeky “truths” and participate in fashion-oriented “dares” for a chance to win. Promoted through traditional media and blogger outreach plus promoted tweets, the campaign featured hilarious content from truths about the most embarrassing thing to happen on a date to daring participants to wear an old prom dress to the grocery store. The result? 6,700 tweets resulting in millions of impressions on Twitter, a boost in traffic on the brand’s Facebook page and a highly efficient program cost per contact of $0.019.

The results?


resulting in

Millions of Impressions