AIG Travel Guard – Media Release

AIG Travel Guard – Media Release

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Public awareness campaign dispels travel insurance myths

TORONTO, ON, FEBRUARY 27, 2008 – The sun doesn’t shine on every vacation. Unfortunately, most Canadians only discover the limitations of their credit card or workplace insurance coverage when it’s too late. Get the facts on travel insurance at the new Truth About Travel Insurance public information website for Canadian travellers:

“The Truth About Travel Insurance public awareness campaign was created to help Canadians make informed decisions when choosing a travel insurance policy,” says Nathan LaFayette, director of operations, AIG Travel Guard Canada. “Too many people find out the hard way that their provincial health insurance or travel insurance provided through their credit card doesn’t cover them for what they need.”

Many Canadians believe that their credit cards, employee benefit plans or the provincial government protect them fully on trips outside of Canada, but that is often not the case. The Canadian government recommends travellers purchase private health insurance when they leave the country because of the potentially high costs of foreign hospital care*. In fact, a one day stay in an American hospital can cost as much as $4,000 while provincial health insurance covers only a fraction of that amount. For example, Ontario’s OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) only covers up to $400 per day in international medical expenses, while BC’s Medical Services Plan covers just $75 per day. As well, the travel accident insurance available on credit cards does not typically cover illness and workplace insurance plans do not compensate for lost baggage or trip cancellation.

“We hope that Canadian travellers will take advantage of the website and use it to help them choose an appropriate travel insurance policy for their next trip,” says LaFayette. “With heightened airport security, increased travel delays and missing baggage causing headaches for travellers, it is more important than ever to ensure you have the right kind of travel insurance for your specific travel needs.”

Developed by AIG Travel Guard Canada as a public service site, The Truth About Travel Insurance website provides facts about what to look for in a travel insurance policy, comparisons of different policies, as well as real-life “it happened to me” scenarios from travellers.

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* Health Canada, Canada Health Act Division:

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