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Toronto, ON, June 17, 2010 “What Would You Do If You Had An Extra Hour Everyday?” “Canadian Women Campaign for 25 Hour Day”, “Time for More Time”. The 25th Hour Coalition is making headlines across Canada. Canadians are urged to join the movement ( and do what comes naturally: add an extra hour to their day. The 25th Hour Coalition was started with the objective of raising awareness of women’s need for more time in the day. Women who continually find that 24 hours are not enough are invited to join the movement and adopt a 25 hour day.

What is the 25th Hour Coalition?
Several scientific studies have shown that the human body intuitively runs on a 25 hour day. These include a study published in the Harvard Gazette which showed the body’s clock is naturally set to 25 hours*. The 25th Hour Coalition–which is backed by Schick® Intuition Plus®, a brand that understands women’s need for more time –was created with the vision of adding an extra hour to the day. Canadians are invited to join the 25th Hour Coalition, try moving to a 25 hour day and start living their lives on a 25 hour clock.

The 25 Hour Day
Moving to a 25 hour day is surprisingly easy, requiring a basic adjustment – the first eleven hours of the day are the standard 60 minutes, but an extra 30 minutes are added to the 12th hour. To see the transformative power of the 25 hour day, watch this news video which shows how 25th Hour Coalition founder Jessie Behan became an award-winning author, competitive cake decorator and stunt pilot with her extra time.

Plus, to learn more about the 25 hour day, visit and follow the 25th Hour Coalition on Twitter:

Rewarding the 25 Hour Day
Schick® Intuition Plus® is offering Canadian women the opportunity to share what they would do with their extra hour for a chance to bring that 25th hour to life, a prize valued of $5,000. Visit to enter.

Schick® Intuition Plus® and the 25th Hour Coalition
“The Schick® Intuition Plus® brand understands that women, particularly moms, need more time in the day,” says Giselle Smejda, Brand Manager, Schick® Intuition Plus®. “Canadian women’s support of the 25th Hour Coalition proves that the need for more time is real. The Schick® Intuition Plus® brand is committed to making women’s lives better by shaving time off their day.”

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Schick® Canada
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The 25th Hour Coalition
The 25th Hour Coalition is calling on all Canadian women to join the movement. Women can pledge their support and learn how to live by a 25 hour clock at Women who feel that there is not enough time in the day, who could use an extra hour to get ahead or who are tired of continually trying to do more with less are encouraged to join.

* The Harvard University Gazette “Human Biological Clock Set Back An Hour” – William J. Comrie, June 15, 1999




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