How to celebrate Halloween with your “Boo”

How to celebrate Halloween with your “Boo”

How to celebrate Halloween with your “Boo” 150 150 Paradigm PR

-Romantic social network reminds couples of important considerations for their coordinated costumes-

TORONTO, ON, October 24, 2012 — Halloween doesn’t typically top the list of the most romantic holidays but it’s a great occasion to celebrate as a couple. Coordinated costumes are a clever way to ensure you spend ample time with your sweetie on Halloween night. You’ll be the life of the party as you flaunt your costumes and make fun memories together.

“While not a traditional approach to chivalry, suggesting a couple’s costume can be a romantic gesture,” says Lida Elias, a creative date planner and CEO at Toronto-based Save My Date. “It shows a level of commitment. When you display your coupledom to the world with a couple’s costume, it’s a pretty big sign to let others know you’re taken.”

In fact, a Halloween survey from romantic social network showed that couple’s costumes will spook other suitors; 87% of women and 81% of men take coordinated costumes as a sign that someone is taken and wouldn’t approach them or would be very cautious.

Whether it’s your first Halloween together or your fifteenth, here are some tips to keep in mind when planning a couple’s costume:

Are you both Halloween buffs?

“Let’s face it; sometimes opposites attract and only one of you will be really enthused about the idea of dressing up,” says Elias. “If this is the case, opt for a couple’s costume that can be pulled off with one partner doing most of the heavy-lifting.”
For example:

  • Barbie and Ken: Slacks, a button up and a bit of hair gel is all you need to pull off Ken if you have an obvious platinum blond and hot-pink Barbie.
  • Will and Kate: If you pull off Prince Charming with full military garb, a brunette in a sophisticated dress and pumps can be a clear Kate.

These costumes don’t require too much effort to pull together, but you’ll look great together on Halloween night.

You’re committed but do you really want to be attached?

People may say the two of you are “attached at the hip,” but it will be a new experience to literally be in the same costume. Think practically before getting carried away with a costume idea.

“Do you really want to spend the whole night together?” poses Elias. “How will you navigate bathroom breaks? If you don’t feel comfortable discussing those logistics and possibly getting caught in some awkward moments, don’t confine yourselves to just one costume for the evening!”

If things are getting serious and you’re ready for the commitment of a shared costume, they can be pretty comical. Some costumes will afford you some independence if you need to slip away from your partner for a bit. For example:

  • Pigs in a blanket: All you need to pull off this laughable look are a couple of plastic pig noses, pink clothing, curly tails and a large blanket around the two of you to keep you cozy all night long.
  • Peas in a pod: Dress head-to-toe in green attire and attach green balloons down the front of your outfit. Have your sweetie wear an oversized green jacket and give you bear hug to demonstrate the full effect. Not only is this a hilarious costume, but you’ll have an excuse not to leave each other’s side.

Do you want to make a statement? 

If you’re in a budding romance, or trying to get there, beware of suggesting something too goofy because it can backfire and land you in the “friend-zone.”

“While your goofy get-up may be a hit at the party, it’s not the best way to demonstrate that you want to be a romantic couple. Instead suggest costumes that would work as individual costumes, but you want to do together to let the world know you’re a pair, for instance a pair of 50s mobsters or a cowgirl and cowboy.”

If you’ve already made your romantic intentions crystal clear, the following costumes are a good way to share a laugh looking ridiculous together:

  • Bacon and eggs: Glue a circle of yellow fabric to a white tunic for your egg. For bacon, cut long strips of dark red or brown felt and glue together in a squiggly rectangle to a black leotard. You’ll end up with a sizzling combo costume that’s sure to please!
  • Peanut butter and jelly:  Cut out two pieces of poster board in the shape of sliced bread, then tie them together with string so you can wear them like a vest. One person dresses in brown and spreads some brown paint on their bread to be peanut butter. Do the same with a red outfit and paint for jam. Last step? Hug! (once the paint is dry!).

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Data based on responses from 522 Canadian singles, which was collected through an online poll at in October 2011.

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