Pucker Up! Friday is International Kissing Day

Pucker Up! Friday is International Kissing Day

Pucker Up! Friday is International Kissing Day 150 150 Paradigm PR


– In celebration, romantic social network Zoosk.com releases Canadian Kissing Report

TORONTO (July 4, 2012) – Canadians would appreciate a little more “lip service.” Nine-in-ten say they wish their partner would take the initiative to kiss more, according to the Canadian Kissing Report compiled by romantic social network Zoosk.com, which surveyed 13,000 members around the world – including those who are in a relationship, as well as singles. The report, released in celebration of International Kissing Day, this Friday, July 6th, shines light on kissing in Canadian culture and reveals Canadians’ favourite types of kisses and their biggest kissing turn-offs.

“Kissing is that initial indicator that shows how much chemistry you have for one another,” says Shannon Tebb a dating and relationship expert, matchmaker and certified life coach. “Great kissing chemistry often leads to passionate physical intimacy, which is a key component for a healthy romantic relationship. The beauty of kissing is that one can show affection for the other without saying a word.”

To help Canadians get in the spirit of the holiday, Tebb gives her top kissing tips.

Kissing Tips:

  • A kiss is more easily reciprocated if your partner is aware that you are coming and you don’t catch them off guard. A surprise attack may work in movies, but actors have scripts! In real life, it’s best to move in slowly.
  • Kissing should be soft and gentle, tilt your head slightly to avoid bumping noses and close your eyes.
  • Start the kiss off slowly, and then build up to a faster pace if desired.
  • Always have fresh breath, so keep gum, breath strips or mints handy.
  • Moisten your lips regularly so they are nice and kissable. But ladies – don’t kiss too soon after applying lip gloss or lip stick.
  • Use your hands and arms to caress your partner’s face or hair while kissing or to embrace. It can be very sensual to touch or to be touched while kissing someone.

Please click through for the full Canadian Kissing Report.

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