Will your trip together be a romantic getaway – or will you want to get away?

Will your trip together be a romantic getaway – or will you want to get away?

Will your trip together be a romantic getaway – or will you want to get away? 150 150 Paradigm PR


Zoosk.com Spring Travel Survey reveals top grievances of love birds after taking flight together

TORONTO (April 16, 2012) – With March Break in the rear-view mirror; the coast is clear for couples to enjoy a romantic spring trip together without a frenzy of family and children at the airports. While the majority of Canadians say these trips bring them closer to their partner, the Spring Travel Survey, conducted by Zoosk.com, the romantic social network, found vacationing as a couple can sometimes lead to trouble in paradise (literally!).

One in five (18%) Canadians say their couple’s vacation was an eye-opening experience that revealed a lot of unexpected habits. Ten percent say it was frustrating and 5% said the trip was so bad they wanted to leave early!

“When you travel as a couple, you experience new things and have romantic moments together, which strengthens your bond.  But – the 24/7 togetherness can also be a real eye-opener!” says Shannon Tebb, certified Life Coach and Dating and Relationship Expert for Zoosk.com. “Loud coffee slurping – though only a minor irritation now – could lead to a breakfast blowout after a week together. All couples have things that annoy them about each other, it’s how you deal them that will make or break your relationship.”

There are a variety of bad habits Canadians have discovered about their partner during couple’s vacation.

The top three habits Canadian men complained about when travelling with their partner:

  • They carry too much luggage
  • Are disorganized
  • Are high maintenance / Make you late at the airport (tied)

For ladies who are chronic over-packers, Tebb suggests asking for packing tips from your travel companion. “Usually the reason for the excess baggage is that you want to dress to impress. Instead of packing everything, pack the outfits that you know he loves seeing you wear. That way you can pack less but still be confident in how you look,” says Tebb.

The top three habits Canadian women complained about when travelling with their partner:

  • They snore loudly
  • Are messy
  • Are disorganized

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to prevent snoring, but Tebb suggests ways for couples to deal with it. “If you know you snore, provide ear plugs. You can also score major brownie points by offering to read on the balcony for a little while to let your partner fall asleep before you start sawing logs.”

What do Canadian men and women worry about before heading on a couple’s vacation?

The top concern for both men and women is that they’ll get on each other’s nerves after spending so much time together (10%).

  • Women are more worried about sharing a hotel room (and bathroom) with their partner (8% versus 2%)
  • While men are more concerned about their snoring (5% versus 2%)

“If you’re taking a trip together, you should already be at a point in your relationship where you are comfortable sharing your feelings and talking out problems,” says Tebb. “If you feel like you’re getting on each other’s nerves, try and diffuse the situation with humor. Most things couples worry or stress about are not ‘serious issues’, so it helps to realize this and laugh about the situation together.”

About the Zoosk.com Couples Travel Survey

Romantic social network Zoosk.com commissioned an omnibus survey of 1,001 Canadians asking them about their experience travelling with romantic partners. Results were collected between March 3 -5, 2012.

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