HTC: Telephone Lines

HTC: Telephone Lines

HTC: Telephone Lines 150 150 Paradigm PR


After a few successful years in the Canadian marketplace, HTC, one of the world’s leading and innovative designers of mobile devices, was looking to connect with media, fans of the brand and customers in a unique way. Adding to the momentum of successful consumer events in London, New York and Los Angeles, HTC wanted to reach their audience in an informal and fun setting.

Strategy & Execution:

The Paradigm team created a series of events that highlighted one of HTC’s key brands attributes – beautiful design. Media and consumers were invited to experience the evolution of telecommunications from a design perspective – Telephone Lines … from rotary to hands free. The concept allowed HTC and Paradigm to emphasize HTC’s focus on not only the functionality of their devices but more importantly the design.

Paradigm researched potential partners for the events, securing The Pearson Electrotechnology Telecommunications Museum in Montreal. The Pearson Museum loaned a variety of rare artifacts and photos to HTC for the event including Alexander Graham Bell’s early sketch designs for an electrical phone and one of the first cell phones.

Held in three cities across Canada – Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal – the tour included a morning media event and consumer meet-up in the evening. The events featured spokespeople from One & Co., HTC’s San Francisco based design firm, who discussed how HTC’s devices have evolved, the influences behind the design and how they are leading the industry.


More than 20 media attended the morning events and over 200 HTC fans attended the evening meet-ups
The event and media relations results included:
15 stories including Global TV Edmonton, MobileSyrup and Canoe Tech
Total reach of over 300,000