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TIMEX: Originals collection

TIMEX: Originals collection 150 150 Paradigm PR

Challenge: TIMEX has helped to define how the world tells time since 1854. In honour of its rich history, the iconic brand developed a new collection of watches, TIMEX Originals, which feature vintage-influenced timepieces combining inspiration from past decades with style features of today. In addition to creating awareness of the new collection, TIMEX wanted…

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TD: RRSP Bootcamp

TD: RRSP Bootcamp 150 150 Paradigm PR

See what’s new with this client Challenge: At the start of 2009, Canadians were feeling the effects of the falling stock market, ongoing layoffs, and weak Canadian dollar. The outlook leading into ‘RRSP Season’ – the time of year when financial institutions and the media focus on encouraging Canadians to invest in a registered retirement…

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TD: Fraud Awareness

TD: Fraud Awareness 150 150 Paradigm PR

See what’s new with this client Challenge: Although Canadians are concerned about fraud, there is generally a low understanding of the various types of fraud and what people can do to protect themselves. Banks do not typically talk much about fraud either – it can be risky for a bank to take a leadership position…

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TD Canada Trust – Report on Savings

TD Canada Trust – Report on Savings 150 150 Paradigm PR

See what’s new with this client Challenge: It’s difficult to save when you have a mortgage, household bills, university tuition for your children — the list goes on. In 2011, the Canadian personal savings rate was slipping and TD Canada Trust wanted to educate Canadians on the importance of saving and help them find ways…

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Schick: Quattro for Women

Schick: Quattro for Women 150 150 Paradigm PR

See what’s new with this client Challenge: How do you make news for a women’s beauty product that is not new, or has no new features? This was the challenge Paradigm faced when challenged with developing a media relations campaign to support the Schick Quattro for Women razor – a great product, but one where…

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Schick: TrimStyle

Schick: TrimStyle 150 150 Paradigm PR

See what’s new with this client Challenge: Canadian women know that style begins before you get dressed. Bikini line trimming is all the rage, with research showing that 82% of women ages 14-49 maintain the bikini area. Despite the fact, bikini trimming is one of the last taboo subjects left. So how do you introduce…

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Challenge: Is poker a sport? Poker enthusiasts around the world would certainly say yes, however that didn’t necessarily ring true in the minds of the Canadian media. Poker is often viewed as a game of luck played by men in poor physical condition over several drinks. In reality, poker requires mental toughness, concentration, strategy, practice,…

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Challenge: Poker is played by millions of people around the world including many Canadians who have won at the sport’s highest levels – including Daniel Negreanu and Poorya Nazari. Despite this popularity and success poker is not often covered by mainstream Canadian media. When a young Canadian rose to the top of the poker world,…

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Newman’s Own: Relaunch

Newman’s Own: Relaunch 150 150 Paradigm PR

Challenge: The Newman’s Own brand of salad dressing was already on Canadian grocery store shelves, so the challenge was how to invigorate the brand in Canada. How could we give some bite to Newman’s Own salad dressings in Canada? Especially without the creator and American icon Paul Newman, whose face adorns every Newman’s Own food…

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NBA Canada: Harlem Globetrotters

NBA Canada: Harlem Globetrotters 150 150 Paradigm PR

See what’s new with this client Challenge: April was “Globetrotters Month” in Canada as the Harlem Globetrotters’ 2010 “Magical Memories” World Tour brought 13 games to 12 Canadian cities, including the first games in Toronto in 11 years. To boost ticket sales and generate excitement for “Globetrotters Month”, Paradigm Public Relations was hired to coordinate…

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