What’s your communications philosophy?

What’s your communications philosophy?

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A prospective client posed a very good question recently: ‟What is your philosophy when it comes to marketing communications?”

Truth be told, we’ve never been asked that question. Sure, we’re often asked about our approach or what differentiates Paradigm PR, but it’s never been asked that way. It got us thinking. And, if we had to sum it up concisely, our philosophy at Paradigm Public Relations is this: we’re students of your brand and co-authors of your story.

It starts with our team understanding your brand. That’s Paradigm PR’s first and never-ending step. We can’t do much successfully if we don’t know your history, what you’re trying to achieve, and who your customer and competition are. Our skilled Public Relations team dives in like we’re completing a research paper, amassing as much knowledge as we can to inform our strategy and creative sessions. Next, we help you build a story worth sharing: one that is timely and delivers a message that resonates. It’s tougher than ever to get your messages through. With multi screens, millions of messages and a never ending choice of content providers, the story that your brand wants to tell has to be relevant. We chose the word “co-author” deliberately, because we believe the best stories are created together. Good marketing communications requires a 360 degree approach – public relations initiatives need to line up with the overall marketing strategy and all programs should complement each other, not fragment the message.

So, there you have it – our newly defined marketing communications philosophy: students of your brand and co-authors of your story. At Paradigm Public Relations we love when clients and prospective clients push us to think of things in a new way.