Feminine care products are a necessary purchase that women don’t want to think about and resent buying. And, in the world of feminine care products, getting women to care about one brand of liners over another is the most challenging.

Paradigm was tasked with developing an integrated marketing campaign for Carefree liners that would increase sales. To meet the aggressive sales targets, a creative solution was required.


Given there is liners no real differentiation between liner brands, the strategy was to create an emotional connection between Carefree and the target audience: confident women who have those days during the month where they just don’t feel like themselves.

The result was #FreeToBeYouToday, an award-winning program that aimed to give women a “boost” when they needed it most. The team transformed TTC’s Lower Bay Station into a pink Carefree world to surprise and delight women on their way to work. The activation was filmed to create videos which were seeded through digital, social and out-of-home media.

To bring the experience to life for women across the country, Paradigm created an online Carefree generator, rewarding women with surprise “mood boosters,” such as a delivery of flowers or feel-good online content, courtesy of the Carefree brand. Women who tried the Carefree generator were offered a free pack of Carefree to encourage trial. The integrated team continued the momentum with an organic and paid Instagram and Twitter strategy designed to reinforce Carefree messaging and build on the #FreeToBeYouToday theme.


The #FreeToBeYouToday campaign videos had high video completion rates: 88.12% of viewers watched 100% of the video, delivering more than 13 million impressions and a solid average engagement rate of 15%, exceeding targets.

There were 81 million impressions delivered through out of home media and more than 68,000 visitors participated in the online generator experience, engaging directly with the Carefree brand.

Nielsen MarketTrack Data for the 12-week period following the campaign showed brand share increased by 0.6 and sales increased by 18%, exceeding the aggressive 14% goal.