Maui Jim

Media Event


While Maui Jim may have been a brand that some media had heard of, the brand had not yet connected with media in Canada.

Paradigm needed to formally introduce media and popular influencers to the brand to drive brand awareness and draw attention to the Canadian collection.


To formally introduce media and popular influencers to the Maui Jim brand and drive awareness of the Maui Jim Canada Collection, Paradigm hosted an event on July 9, 2019, in Toronto to showcase the brand’s signature Aloha experience and luxury products.

The event educated media and influencers about the Maui Jim brand and product line through a rooftop media preview where media could try the product themselves.

Guests were invited to be custom fitted for a pair of sunglasses and eyeglasses, which they were able to take home with them.


Following the event, media who attended the event were keen to include Maui Jim in upcoming stories.

The event put the brand top of mind for media. The positive experience built brand affinity amongst attendees and a relationship with the brand.

In total, 30 top media and 15 influencers attended. The event generated 3.1 million impressions to date with a CPC of $0.06.