o.b. tampons is a niche brand that is both loved and polarizing because it’s applicator-free. The loyal o.b. consumer is aging out of the category and awareness among young women is low. Research conducted to understand the target consumer found that millennial women want products that are better for the environment. As a result, the brand made a strategic decision to shift the positioning and tagline to “Less Waste. Only What You Need, Nothing You Don’t.”

Paradigm was tasked with creating a consumer campaign to reinforce the new messaging and drive product trial.


The team created the #10000tozero campaign, showing that the average woman uses 10,000 applicator tampons in her lifetime, but all of that plastic waste can be reduced to zero by switching to o.b.

To drive home the “less waste” messaging, Paradigm launched a new Instagram brand page and created a series of 15-second videos to drive home just how much waste 10,000 applicators represents. The videos compared the length of 10,000 applicators to natural landmarks across Canada. Paradigm issued a call to action to young women to help raise awareness of applicator waste. People who tagged a friend on Instagram were entered for a chance to win an eco-adventure trip to Costa Rica. To amplify the campaign, 10 Instagram influencers spread the word among their fans shared how they do their part in making environmentally-conscious choices in their everyday lives.


In post-campaign research 78% of women said they were likely to purchase o.b. in the future.

The #10000tozero contest generated 5,784 entries and 6 million impressions.

The newly launched o.b. Instagram channel grew to more than 2,800 followers in one month and the average engagement rate per post was 13.7%, which was a significant accomplishment, considering engagement rates on feminine care content is typically extremely low.