Playtex Baby

Driving Diaper Genie Sales

New parents can change more than 700 diapers in the first three months of their baby’s life. Playtex Baby had products that help make parents lives a bit easier, like its Diaper Genie diaper disposal pail, but the brand was losing market share to newer products. Paradigm was tasked with finding a creative way to help boost interest in Diaper Genie.  With limited budget available, Paradigm’s solution was to develop humorous videos that helped drive interest and sales of the diaper pail on Amazon and push those out through a highly targeted paid campaign. For the Day in the Life of a New Dad video, there were 1,142 clicks to the Amazon product page and white Diaper Genie Complete pails (which the video linked to) saw a 25% average weekly sales lift compared to the previous period. In addition, the Diaper Genie Complete category had a 14% sales lift overall.