Playtex Sport

PlayON Grant Program


Playtex Sport needed to build brand awareness and affinity among its target audience: athletic teens. But it is hard to talk to teens about tampons and menstruation, a subject that is remains embarrassing for many girls.

Paradigm recommended connecting with the target on an emotional level that spoke to their experiences as athletic girls in high school. To understand the best way to reach the target, Paradigm conducted research on girls who play on school sports teams. The research was surprising. It revealed a significant gender gap in high school sports: there is less investment devoted to girls’ teams and many girls’ teams play in the boys hand-me down uniforms, are stuck with the boys’ leftover equipment and, unlike boys teams, receive no funding to get to races and events.

Paradigm determined it would to create a program that would speak directly to the gender gap in high school sports, with Playtex Sport helping to address the issue.


Paradigm created the Playtex Play ON Canada Grant Program designed to help level the playing field for girls on high school teams. The grant fund would provide a total of $50,000 in annual grants to help girls’ high school sports teams achieve their goals.

Paradigm kicked off the campaign by overhauling a locker room at school in Cochrane, Alberta and providing gear and race entry fees for the running club at a school in Halifax, creating videos from the experiences which showcased the diverse funding needs for girls sports. These experiences were used to create a series of call-to-action video that shed light on the issue of girls in sports and encouraged girls to apply on behalf of their teams.

A social content strategy to support the campaign included partnering with teen and mom influencers to the promote the grant program on their channels. The program was amplified with media relations on the call for submissions.


Feedback from girls sports teams was overwhelmingly positive, and the grant program received more than 200 applications, a 200% increase over the goal.

The Playtex Sport videos received a combined 700,000+ views, helping to create an affinity between athletic girls and the brand. Media relations contributed an additional
4.5 million impressions.

The program was so successful it was continued into a second year.