Playtex Baby

Diaper Genie


Playtex Baby has products that help make parents lives a bit easier, like its Diaper Genie diaper disposal pail, but the brand was losing market share to newer products. Paradigm was tasked with finding a creative way to help boost interest in Diaper Genie in both the US and Canada. With limited budget available, the solution was a humorous video that helped drive interest and sales of the diaper pail on and


To combat increased competitive pressure, communicating the product’s key benefits to new parents was essential. Diaper Genie’s competitors spend heavily on traditional advertising, but, due to budget restraints this was not an option for Playtex Baby. Paradigm developed the concept for an inexpensive digital video featuring a new dad navigating the world of parenthood and messy diapers. Designed to boost traffic and sales on Amazon in both the US and Canada, the video was humorous, relatable and communicated the Diaper Genie’s key product benefits.


The Playtex Diaper Genie video was a cost-effective solution to drive sales on Amazon. As a result of the campaign, white Diaper Genie Complete pails (which the video linked to) saw a 25% average weekly sales lift on Amazon compared to the previous period. In addition, the Diaper Genie Complete category had a 14% sales lift overall.