Intuition F.A.B. Canadian Launch


Shaving is often viewed as a chore by millions of Canadian women – many love the clean-shaven feeling, but not the process. Now, imagine if you had to convince women the way they were shaving was all wrong.

That was the challenge facing Schick Intuition with the creation of Intuition f.a.b., an innovative razor that safely shaves both up and down to give women a hassle-free close shave.
Paradigm was tasked with generating awareness of the new razor and educating women on a new way to shave that was contrary to popular belief. We needed to encourage women to try this new razor by convincing them it was safe and effortless.


The key was to get consumers out of their comfort zone by demonstrating that Intuition f.ab. was not only safe but easy to use.
Paradigm created a multi-tiered launch strategy that leveraged traditional PR, influencer marketing, social media and sampling. The program included a media relations campaign that demonstrated to top tier beauty and lifestyle media how the razor works effortlessly and safely.

An online contest called #DareToBeFab dared consumers on National Dare Day to step out their comfort zone and go in a different direction. The contest was promoted via influencers and paid social media.

A fashion inspired sampling tour in Vancouver and Toronto built awareness and encouraged trial of the new razor. The runway – build in f.a.b.colours – showcased the different directions that the razor travelled, and allowed consumers to test the product on fabric swatch samples.


The media relations outreach resulted in 13 briefings with Canadian beauty and lifestyle outlets and 13 news stories, with 5,557,096 impressions.

The #DareToBeFab contest garnered 1,330 entries in total. Kaitlyn Bristowe and four micro-influencers promoted the brand and contest on their blogs, Instagram and YouTube Channels which resulted in 28 posts/vlogs/blogs and 2,792,540 impressions.

The sampling tour was overwhelmingly successful, with over 66,000 samples distributed in two markets, more than 100,000 consumer impressions, and more than 24,000 unique consumer engagements with a brand ambassador at an average interaction time of 7:04 minutes.