Lingerie and the Loonie


Canada is a country of many season – fall, winter, spring and shave season. Shaving is more relevant to beauty and lifestyle media during the summer months when consumers switch to their summer wardrobe including shorts, skirts and bathing suits.

The winter months present a challenging time to generate media interest. To help drive brand awareness during an unexpected time of year, Paradigm was tasked with developing a creative media relations campaign that would bring Schick Hydro Silk into the media spotlight.


The team found a creative solution to generate media coverage by connecting the razor to economic and fashion trends: the depreciating Canadian dollar, and a shift towards full coverage “granny panties” for women.

The team created The Schick Index, a diagram depicting lingerie trends plotted with the rise and fall of the dollar. When the dollar is on the upswing, lingerie trends are more revealing, and when the dollar weakens, lingerie becomes more conservative.

The Schick Index resulted in a fun, tongue-in-cheek media relations campaign that talked to the benefits of racier lingerie as a potential way to jumpstart the Canadian economy and boost the loonie’s value.


The Schick Index was an alternative approach to generating media coverage during a time of year that razor brands are otherwise not mentioned.

The campaign resulted 36 news stories with more than 9.2 million impressions.