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What’s your communications philosophy?

What’s your communications philosophy? 150 150 Paradigm PR

A prospective client posed a very good question recently: ‟What is your philosophy when it comes to marketing communications?” Truth be told, we’ve never been asked that question. Sure, we’re often asked about our approach or what differentiates Paradigm PR, but it’s never been asked that way. It got us thinking. And, if we had…

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How do you know if a project is successful?

How do you know if a project is successful? 150 150 Paradigm PR

We often get asked by clients how they should measure the success of their social media activities or how they know if a campaign was successful?  That’s a bit like asking: how long is a piece of string?  Well that entirely depends on the desired outcome.  If you are tying it around your finger to…

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